Zebra Show Cars

The following text was taken (with permission) from Robert aka IRONDOG442 on the 'net. I think he gives a great explanation of the Intrigue, as well as some history on the other 2 "Zebra" cars. Pictures of the Alero Zebra and Aurora Zebra can be seen below.

This one of a kind show car was built by the GM special vehicle division (SVD), specifically for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) of 2001. It was created to help promote sales of the newly released 2001 Aurora body style. Oldsmobile built three of these cars (an Aurora, and Intrigue, and an Alero) exactly the same way to highlight their Oldsmobile display at the NAIAS and make it stand out from the other division’s displays. Oldsmobile called these cars SC-3 because three of them were built.

Very shortly after these cars were created (less than one month to be exact) GM announced that Oldsmobile division would be phased out starting December of 2000 and the last Oldsmobile cars would be made in the summer of 2004. GM wanted to keep Oldsmobile’s public perception and exposure to a minimum because they figured the less press that the division got the easier the phase out would go over with enthusiasts.

As a result of their proclamation and aim to minimize exposure and rekindled excitement regarding the dying division, these cars were only displayed 3 times, once at the 2001 Los Angeles NAIAS which was held January 6, 2001, once at Community Day, May 23, 2001, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and once at the Oldsmobile Homecoming show in Lansing Michigan in August of 2001. After that the 3 cars got trailered and put away in GM's NAO basement in Milford Michigan, covered up and forgotten about.

Fast forward the clock to March 11, 2004 when GM announced that they would be auctioning 2 of these SC-3 cars off to a special invite only (mostly Oldsmobile dealerships) auction at Barrett-Jackson Auction along with 37 other General Motors Special Vehicles that were to be sold at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction – Palm Beach Auction, March 19-21 at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Florida. The cars were then stripped of their non-production equipment which included their CNC billet wheels and loaded on a trailer and shipped from Michigan to Florida to be sold at No Reserve. The auction itself was the fourth and final public appearances for the SC-3 Alero and Intrigue.

A dealership in Columbus, Ohio (Immke Cadillac/Oldsmobile) bought the Intrigue and an experimental 2001 Aurora and a private collector named Ken Petrie from Royal Oak, Michigan purchased the Alero. In late summer of 2004 GM announced that the Aurora SC-3 would be taken to Schram’s Automotive in Waterford, Michigan along with several other Oldsmobile show vehicles (of which include the OSV Intrigues, Alero, Alero 442 and Silhouette and and the Indy Racing League pace cars) to be destroyed to end GM's liability on non-production cars.

In August of 2004 The owner of Immke Cadillac who purchased the SC-3 Intrigue passed away and his dealership was purchased by the Lucas Oil company. They had zero interest in the SC-3 Intrigue and had no idea what it even was. A Oldsmobile collector named Robert Eye of Toledo, Ohio purchased the SC-3 Intrigue from Immke and purchased all of the original non production equipment (Including the CNC billet wheels) just days before these parts were destroyed by Schram's.

Exceptional non-production paint “House of Colors” Pearl Sky Blue Paint with "ghost" (very neat in person appears only at certain angles) "Oldsmobile logo and Tiger/Zebra" striped cued onto fenders. This paint job has 5 coats of clear coat and 50+ hours of wet sanding. The paint job cost GM reportedly $25,000!!!

18" Budnik CNC Billet "rocket" Ultra high polished aluminum wheels the Schrader valves are on the inside of the rim to keep the clean smooth look. The tires are Michelin XGT Pilot Sport ZR Tires these wheels set GM back $4,000 EACH!!! Yeah that's $16,000 in just wheels!!!

Stainless steel dual exhaust with stainless steel "tail light shape" matched exhaust tips. This is the worlds only Intrigue with factory Dual Exhaust!!!

1” Lowering Kit

Custom rear fascia molded for dual exhaust cut outs.

The Aurora SC-3 show car was scrapped entirely, and the SC-3 Alero no longer has the "Rocket Wheels" as they were destroyed.